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AMG Physical Rehabilitation Hospital’s Renal Program is designed to
provide treatment that focuses on increasing the functional status of patients with Acute Renal Failure (ARF) or End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD).

Renal patients can be excellent candidates for inpatient rehab care because ESRD and ARF are often associated with profound functional status impairment.

These patients require close physician monitoring and experienced nursing care.

• We have Nephrologist and Internal Medicine coverage at all times.
• Our dialysis is provided in the patient’s room as to prevent any issues with transporting patients to offsite facilities.
• This also allows us to provide the dialysis at an ideal time for the patient.

Our therapy team works in conjunction with the dialysis team to provide optimal outcomes.

Patients referred to Inpatient Rehabilitation for functional status improvement and renal care may be:

• Stage IV-V patients requiring dialysis support
• Acute renal failure patients who require dialysis pending kidney recovery
• Patients with other acute diagnoses who also need dialysis
• Patients with urosepsis and UTI who require close renal monitoring
• Pre- or- post-transplant patients requiring dialysis support

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